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Granite Mortar and Pestle

for Grinding Spices, Herbs and Pills.

Natural Stone Kitchen Set

with BONUS

Silicone Lid / Placemat and Wooden Spoon.

By Laevo Cook

tasty and easy cook

Easy to use

Easy to use kitchen tool that grinds and crushes spices, herbs, salt, coffee beans and even pills and creates dishes like guacamole, curry, pastes, dips, dressings, seasonings and more.


Use both sides of this DOUBLE-SIDED LaevoCook mortar and pestle for your convenience.
Design allows for easy maneuvering because it is possible to use two sides of the Mortar and pestle.

Value set that will last

Value set that will last 100% natural solid granite stone is heavyweight, stable and durable - it will last a lifetime!

Exclusive offer

Exclusive offer, only LaevoCook set includes a BONUS:
silicone lid / placemat and wooden spoon - all natural and eco-friendly.

Fun to use

Fun to use and expand your cooking options / experiment with new dishes and flavors
- Use smaller bottom bowl with a wider side of a pestle for grinding; and larger top bowl with a narrower side of a pestle for crashing, mushing and mixing.
- Beautiful, convenient and easy to use kitchen accessory and granite exterior is very easy to clean.
- You like it for the unique design, convenience and durability.


  • Mortar and Pestle
  • - Two sides allow for separating the flavors, easy cleaning and excellent mortar stability.
    - Use shallow side for smaller quantities and ingredients like peppercorns and spices.
    - Use the deeper side for making dishes and marinades and grinding large ingredients such as herbs and coffee beans.
    - Flip the pestle for more efficient grinding and mashing.

  • Silicone lid
  • - Use as a placemat while utilizing the mortar
    - Use as a lid once cooked to preserve the freshness of your dish.

  • Wooden spoon
  • - Use for stirring, mixing and sampling your dish
    - Will not interfere with natural food flavors or oxidize them

    Olivia Aldridge

    • This Laevo Cook Mortar and Pestle is a very good product.
    • I did much looking around and research over several mortar and pestles before finally deciding on this one.
    • When I first picked it up from its package I noticed how heavy and sturdy it was.

    • A good sign of quality. It does a very nice job of grinding up herbs, seeds, and spices, which is what I mainly use it for.
    • I think that, this being granite stone, it does a much butter job than an unglazed ceramic mortar.
    • I definitely think I chose a winner :)

    Colin Gibson

    • So this came in and I was sooo excited to open it.
    • It's very big and heavy and you can
    • tell it's solid granite! It Is Rough Inside and
    • the end of the pestle is rough too.
    • I personally love this because it grinds things so much better!

    • This is such a great deal for a quality made
    • mortar and pestle. It's absolutely beautiful
    • and I am so pleased with my purchase!
    • It took me forever to review and search all
    • the best prices and quality ones and I'm
    • glad I made the best choice,
    • I feel like I have to best one. Amazing size!

    James and Lucy Ford

    • We were looking for a mortar & pestle set
    • large enough to make it functional for
    • mashing avocados and other veggies
    • instead of just small herbs and spices.

    • This is really a nice set with the inside just
    • rough enough to make for a good surface
    • for grinding. The outside is smooth.
    • Nicely rustic but doesn't damage the
    • counter tops.

    • If you are a blooming chef that cooks
    • frequently, you should have one of these
    • in your arsenal of kitchen tools.
    • Recommended.


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