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Slime Kit Activator and Deactivator Kit Slime Supplies

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  • NO MORE FRUSTRATED KIDS – Kids hate it when they can’t do something. Never fear, our simple slime activator is here. No mixing, no mess and so simple to use all kids can do it.
  • SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS – Just add a few drops at a time (approx. 5-10 milliliter total) of the slime activator to any clear or PVA glue to make slime. Works best with Elmers or Original Stationery brand glues.
  • PEFFECT SLIME EVERYTIME – We balanced our formula to make sure you get great results every time. It’s not too strong so if you add a few too many drops it will be OK. DESIGNED WITH KIDS IN MIND.
  • MAKE SLIME LIKE THE INSTAGRAMMERS – Kids love to be able to follow along with the slime makers on Instagram and YouTube and our activator allows them to do just that with ease.
  • SAFE TO USE – Washable, safe and non-toxic. We’ve done all the thinking so you don’t have too. Grab our activator today and get your kids active and having fun making slime
  • Slime is too hard? No worries! Just work 1-2 drops of "LaevoSlime Deactivator - Softener" in your slime add more if needed until you reach the desired consistency.
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Slime Activator
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