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Laevo Slime E-Book for Laevo Slime Kit for Girls

"Laevo Slime Book for Laevo Slime Kit for Girls"
Some recipes you have to try! 


You can buy Slime Kit for Girls - 2 in 1 - DIY Slime Making Kit PLUS Slime Supplies Kit - All-Inclusive [57 Pieces Set] DIY Slime Kit With Instant Snow, Clear Glue, Foam Balls, Slime Glue, White Glue with this book!


BECOME A SLIME EXPERT - the slime making kit comes with complete, colorful, illustrated book with 10 easy to make recipes + tips, tricks, suggestions, slime troubleshooting, and safety information. All the recipes are kid tested and can / should be adjusted to one’s preference!

KIDS AND PARENTS LOVE TO PLAY - stretch the slime, squeeze it, poke, squish, swirl, let it drip or ooze - so satisfying! Have a great parent-child time or entertain kids at a birthday party. Children will HAVE FUN AND LEARN while playing. Scientific games help develop creativity and imagination as well as exercise fine motor skills.

PSK E-Book (Free for download)


Laevo Slime Book for Girls

PSK Book

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